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Plaisance Advisors announced today that it has begun an acquisition advisory assignment for WMH Group LLC, a Chicago-area private equity firm founded by Willard (Bill) Hunter.  The assignment will focus on companies with less than $5 million in EBITDA and is open to situations where the owners and/or managers desire to remain with the business or exit shortly after the sale.

The types of companies we will assist WMH Group in identifying include niche manufacturing, business-to-business services, value-added distribution, specialized packaging, and healthcare services.

About WMH Group LLC

WMH Group LLC is a Chicago-based private equity firm with significant operating experience.  WMH has a history of building industry-leading businesses through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.  In each transaction WMH Group invests its own capital and that of its partners and takes an operating role in each company it acquires.  Because WMH Group does not invest out of a traditional fund, it has significant flexibility in how it structures transactions and does not have a set timeframe in which it must divest the companies it acquires.

About Plaisance Advisors LLC

Plaisance Advisors provides cost effective mergers and acquisition advisory services to world-class, industry-leading companies. With nearly 20 years of investment banking experience we have developed significant industry expertise in select industries, global relationships, and a keen understanding of how to best position a business for sale.  Our clients include private business owners, private equity firms and some of the largest corporations in the country.

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