Kurz-Kasch Transaction Info


Client: The owner of Kurz-Kasch, Inc.

Transaction: Sale of privately-held Kurz-Kasch to Dover Corporation.

Company Description: Kurz-Kasch is a leading manufacturer of conventional and encapsulated coils and stators, engineered composite components and subassemblies, magnetic/electrical/electronic sensing devices, and high performance solenoids. These devices are used in a variety of industries including appliance, aerospace, automotive, electrical distribution and control, HVAC, medical, and valve actuation.

Transaction Summary: A managing director of Plaisance Advisors led a thorough marketing of Kurz-Kasch to strategic and financial acquirers located primarily in the United States.  The sale process resulted in multiple interested parties submitting offers to acquire the company and subsequent visits by those bidders. Kurz-Kasch choose to sell the company to Dover because of its history of profitably operating complex businesses and their ability to close the transaction quickly and with minimal disruption to the business.