Prestolite Transaction Info


Client:  Genstar Capital, the private equity owners of Prestolite Electric

Transaction:  Sale of Prestolite Motors, Prestolite Power and Prestolite Switch, either as separate units or collectively.

Company Descriptions:  Prestolite Motors produces electric motors used in industrial applications, as heavy duty engine starters and alternators.  Prestolite Switch produces switches and solenoids used in industrial applications.  Prestolite Power produces industrial battery chargers used to charge forklift batteries, electric transit busses and other similar applications.


The three Prestolite businesses operated from two separate facilities 500 miles apart.  A principal of Plaisance Advisors assisted in designing a marketing program for the businesses that enabled them to be sold separately or together.  Plaisance also prepared a management presentation, hosted management visits and assisted in negotiating the transaction.  In the end, Ametek purchased the three Prestolite businesses in one transaction.