Sale Representation

Sale Representation

Our clients retain us for a number of reasons: to maximize proceeds, improve non-economic terms, accelerate closing, maintain confidentiality, and locate additional potential acquirers among many others. Plaisance Advisors' exclusive sale representation services combine the thoroughness, expertise, and aggressiveness of large investment banks with the one-on-one attention and hands-on management of a smaller firm. We posses a level of talent, know-how and sophisticated transaction execution that we pass on to clients and which is rarely found in the middle market.

We believe a competitive marketing process that generates interest among a variety of buyers and investors will result in the best price, terms, and conditions available in the market. Characteristics of our sale process include:

Systematic Preparation. Our years of experience enable us to gain an understanding of the factors that will drive the value of our clients' businesses and develop a detailed and comprehensive universe of potential buyers and financing sources. Often we are able to identify items that may detract from the sale process prior to potential acquirers learning of those factors.  We then work with our client to proactively address those items and thereby avoid difficulties at sensitive stages of the transaction.

Compelling Introductory Materials. We believe presenting each clients' business in the best light is crucial to attracting interest from a wide group of potential acquirers. Accordingly, we dedicate a substantial amount of time to discovering and communicating the reasons the business is an attractive investment. We write memoranda that stimulate discussion and highlight those aspects of the business, but that are also instructive and accurate. We bring credibility to the process through our command of financial data and through well-supported forecasts.

Competitive Environment. Maintaining confidentiality that a business may be sold and of the company's proprietary information is a paramount concern on all of our transactions. Therefore, we tailor each sale process to create a competitive and dynamic environment where buyers are compelled to make their absolute best offer. At the same time limiting the number of parties that have knowledge of the pending transaction. We also maintain flexibility in the sale process so that we can respond to the needs of each potential bidder and changing situations at the company and the overall economic environment.

Persuasive Management Presentations. Since our clients must remain focused on running their businesses we limit bidders' access to the management team and owners of the company until bidders have reviewed the business in detail and submitted offers that meet certain thresholds. We work extensively with management and encourage them to view their business from the perspective of a third party. The result is a persuasive presentation to prospective buyers that highlights the distinctive and attractive aspects of each client and where appropriate, the synergies available with each bidder.

Senior Banker Involvement Through Closing. Our Managing Directors work on every aspect of each transaction because we believe assigning junior people to important aspects of a transaction does a disservice to the client. We believe every client is important and deserves partner-level attention -- from inception to closing.